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My name is Chris Madden; I am a freelance illustrator, living and working in Manchester, UK.
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The Lancet Neurology - May 2014 Cover

This is the latest cover illustration I produced for The Lancet Neurology’s May issue. It relates to an essay about the health benefits involved in a neurology patient interacting with a hospital’s ‘Therapeutic Garden.’

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Birdsong for CSMA Club Magazine 

This is a little job I did for Oliver Burkeman’s column in The Guardian Weekend Magazine. I say this every time, but it is always one of the jobs I look forward to working on. The column is always the right balance of funny/interesting!

Read the article here (disclaimer: The illustration colours on the guardian website have gone a bit squiffy)

True Grit

This is something I’ve been working on in-between client work over the past week or so. It took me far longer than i wanted it too, however, I was kind of learning on the job with this one, experimenting along the way. 

I am really happy with how ol’ Jeff Bridges turned out, I put a lot of energy into the finer details, which is something I never do, mostly due to the usual time constraints on editorial jobs. The background needs a lot of work but I’m not going to concern myself with that this time around.

I intend do a few more of these illustrated movie stills type things, if only to gain a better understand of the process and develop a quicker workflow.

Detail Shots

Spot illustration for CSMA Club magazine’s health column.

Another one for Supply Management Magazine.

This is a full page illustration in ‘Supply Management Magazine’ for an article about ‘Procurement Effectiveness” (I don’t know, either!) This image is based on the idea that, “People are always the molecular organisms of any organisation”

The chair legs are my favourite bit!

Rooster Coburn progress shot #WIP #truegrit #jeffbridges #coenbrothers

Lancet Neurology Cover - April 2014


This is my latest offering for the Lancet Neurology - The cover image relates to an article outlining the risks involved in the removal of a brain aneurysm.

Below you can see the rough concepts I submitted for approval. I actually preferred the rejected idea but the majority voted against it (I’m secretly quite happy that I didn’t have to actually draw all those thorns!!)

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Did this for a client last week, but it got sacked off at the last minute as they wanted to take a different approach, so i’m putting it up here :)

I tried a few new things with varied amounts of success (?) - I really enjoyed drawing a more realistic figure but it definitely has a lot less charm than my usual approach.

David Lynch for #DrawLynch on the Twitter - you can see the other entries here

Whilst organising a few files on my commuter, I came across this spot I did for a health column, last year. I didn’t like it at the time but now I see elements that aren’t so bad, so I thought I’d share it :)

Well, this is pretty exciting!
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Hidden Sugars in Food - CSMA Club Magazine

Lancet Neurology Cover - March 2014

This is my latest cover illustration for the Lancet Neurology. The image works alongside an article about how chemical toxins can affect the developing brain of an unborn child.

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